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Adapter for Lunt LS50THa arrives from Belarus!


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Since we seem to be fairly fee wheeling re. "Hardware Posts", just thought I'd mention that
my (potentially) USEFUL (and rare-ish) adapter for the Lunt50THa arrived from Belarus! :D

This functions (tried and tested!) to adapt the M35 x 0.5mm thread on the Lunt to the
more familiar T2 thread! From ordering to arrival 10 Days. Thanks Rafael at RafCamera! :)


For the moment I will stick with the Standard Helicoid focusser. But I now have options. ;)


P.S. Standard warnings about need for ERF / Blocking filters still apply of course! :)

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I have a theory that it was the sundries & ancillaries that robbed me
of my "fortune"... More than any Telescope, however expensive! ;)

There is the possibility of substituting a T2 style Helicoid focusser.
But frankly, I am getting fairly accustomed to the standard one!
(Mine is not as "bad" as the ones some people have experienced)

Not sure there exists a "T2" Crayford style focusser that would
fit into the available space? It would have to be very low profile!
But then sometimes "upgrades" should actually be necessary? :p

No harm in having a lot of Adapters though! :D

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But why is it when I think, ah I've got one of those, it's either M / F instead of F / M or it's disappeared from the face of the earth and only turns up after I've bought another one :grin:


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