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Advice please for storing scope

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Fairly new to this hobby and just wanted a bit of advice for what to do when packing away after observing.  At the moment I put all the lenses back in the little bags and in their individual boxes, then in a tool box that I have padded out, along with the finder scope and all bits and pieces.

Then I put the shower caps on the scope and roll in bubble wrap, and slide into a big rucksack which has padding in the top and bottom sections. Then it all goes in the shed.  

Basically, is this ok or will it trap in moisture which may lead to future problems?  


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4 minutes ago, DRT said:

I asked a similar question in this thread a few weeks ago...


Thanks for that. Think I need to start bringing ep's inside to dry out and then take back into shed the next day. Also I think it would be better to leave the scope unwrapped pointing downwards and again pack away in the rucksack the next day. 

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Let any moisture air-dry naturally. This can be facilitated by bringing it inside for awhile before capping everything. Investing in an air-blower (avoid "canned-air" as it's not air, and it can blow it's propellant onto your optics) is a good idea for anyone. These are what I mean:


(Lordy! What a string!) My other advice applies if you have an SCT-type telescope. These should be parked with the tube either level, or pointed front-end up. The reason being that these use a grease to allow the mirror to move to & fro to achieve focus. In hot climates, this grease could liquify a bit and possibly drip onto a corrector-plate. No fun!



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