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Pulsar dome and pigeons


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I've had the dome for nearly a year now and all was well till a few weeks ago when pigeons started perching on it.  I wouldn't mind that but pigeons being pigeons they leave deposits behind.:angry2:

Has anyone had this problem and found a cure?

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Slightly off-topic but my Pulsar Dome problems are from flies than live inside the dome. The obsy is only 100metres from a milking parlour and enormous slurry pit so the flies are HUGE!. My obsy equipment now includes a can of fly spray, I give it a quick spray as I am leaving but I still have to wait a few second every time I open the door before going in to let some flies out again.

Regards, Hugh


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Yea, I thought you'd have some fun with that,

Colin, there on beautiful Anglesey, I've eaten pidgeon when I was in the scouts, - very tasty.

David, I thought of that but I believe it's illegal and we have a bird loving vet living next door - he feeds the birds all year round which is probably why we have so many of them.

Psychobilly, I think I'll try some of those spikes for sale on Amazon. Thanks for the link.

Hugh, I have some spiders in mine, perhaps some could help with your fly problem :-)

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Robin, I have a similar problem with pigeon's roosting on the roof of my house - as you say they make an awful mess.  The problem with spikes I found is that they can look a bit unsightly, ok for public buildings but kinda spoil a domestic setting.  In the end I used this stuff, it's pretty unobtrusive once installed and it works well.



Fire Gel - Anti Bird gel


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