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  1. So you show us a cardboard box and expect the rest of us to wait until Saturday too? Pah! You deserve clouds
  2. Does the dual mount only really work in Altaz mode? My motivation for buying one would be purely based on having a go at deep sky imaging. Although thinking about it I don't suppose it would be a huge leap to de fork the CPC and put the OTA on the AZ and switch between scopes as needs require, then I guess the Altaz mode might be used for visual. As you can tell I haven't given this a lot of serious thought yet, I'm convinced though that the AZ would be the better choice for me and worth buying whatever direction I end up. It does sound a bit vague at the moment and it is, I'm hoping to put together an early retirement in a few years albeit with very limited means so getting kitted out for a hobby while I can still afford it is my goal.
  3. Excellent input, many thanks for that. It looks like between bendy bolts, belt drive, dodgy power sockets and less play the AZ it the one to have on the shopping list. Another question, probably irrelevant to me but you never know: how does the AZ differ from the NEQ with the option to hold two scopes?
  4. Because I'm an anti social sod! Seriously my main scope is a CPC1100 fork mount permanently set up in the obsy so I doubt I would need another alt az. The fact that the AZ is lighter is alone a huge bonus
  5. I think I will be buying a mount later in the year as part of my master plan to try my hand at some deep sky imaging. Is there any advantage in buying the AZEQ6 over the standard NEQ6 given that it would never be used as an altAz mount? Thanks
  6. Not even tried, the fastest I have needed was about 45, I'll give it a try next time I'm out
  7. I'm using a 5m standard USB3 on my ASI224MC and can transfer at least 45fms without dropping frames
  8. You'll not regret the dome, I love mine, even with a biting wind I can keep warm and stay out longer without freezing
  9. My last issue arrived today and I thoroughly enjoyed most of it, even the adverts have changed, they must have known my subs had ended
  10. Yes I flipped it in photoshop this morning, I got up early to have a go at Mars,I guess the early start got to me
  11. Yes it's a bit weird, all last nights images came out the same, I'm guessing I overdid the wavelets a little?
  12. Make life easy for yourself, a big scope is a pain in the rear if you have to set it up every time you want to use it, 200mm or 250mm maximum if you ask me. A goto is also a good idea if you ask me, I'm the first to argue that they de skill the hobby but for beginners they help keep the interest up in that you will at least get to see the faint objects out there and not miss them altogether through inexperience
  13. Seeing was passable last night, this was my best effort
  14. Thanks Michael, I'll have a play with that at the weekend when I get some time
  15. I sympathise, I went to study Physics at Liverpool as a mature student who was hopeless at maths some 25 years earlier at school. Liverpool uni were kind enough to give us a dummies guide to difficult maths and it basically followed this excellent textbook http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Engineering-Mathematics-K-A-Stroud-/152055390783?hash=item236735223f:g:2h8AAOSwJMhXEL9y If you really want to get your head stuck into some QM then work your way through the relevant sections of that book and you'll be well on the way. Maths is however a skill where practice, practice and more practice is needed just to keep pace. Personally I think life is too short and unless you really have a deep rooted interest then there are more fun things to do in life
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