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What's the Moon?


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It has been ages since I last looked at the moon, let alone photograph it. In fact it maybe as far back as 2003! :shock:

Must take the time to check out our nearest neighbour and not just curse the fact it's ruined the sky.

So when Autumn/Winter returns i'm gonna make a determined effort to look at and image the moon. But only after i've had a blumming good look at Mars that is.

Oh and hope that bleddy moon doesn't ruin the Persieds :)


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Russ, as I've posted in Rob's 'Perseids' thread, the moon will be a half moon on August 12th. So it will only be a problem during the first half of the night (its southerly declination means it won't be much of a hinderance, anyway).

So all we need now is some clear skies........

Did I say "all"??? :oops:

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My club, The Saguaro Astronomy Club, has a best 110 lunar objects list, and an award for viewing them. You don't have to be a member to qualify for the award. The list and procedure is listed at:


The person that referees the award and I are the only ones to complete it so far. It's loaded with amazing features on the Moon, and a great way to get your feet wet, even if you don't apply for the award. 8)

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