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First Light w/ C11 Edge- ASI224MC 2nd imaging run ever

Tyson M

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Thanks for ImPPG and this group's suggestions, I was able to finally work these pictures to my satisfaction.

Ultimately, I couldn't decide whether I liked darker or lighter. Darker to increase low contrast features, lighter for a more natural look..which do you prefer? 

Myself and my friend David Ritter captured and produced these images. 

C11 Edge, native focal length on a EQ8


Autostakkert, ImPPG














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2 hours ago, Aussie Dave said:

Some nice results there Tyson.

Just out of curiosity, how many frames are you stacking roughly?

The best 20%  of 1046frames. Do you think they'd be sharper at 5-10% of 1046 even though I'd have less room for play in ImPPG?

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The more frames for lunar the better Tyson. You may have better results if you image near the Terminator where there is shadow being cast across craters, ridges etc. Imaging this way tends to give out more detail and depth to your shot and gives you a lot more to work with. You'll find that you can push wavelets much further too.

My latest were 3-4 minute videos, 5500+ frames and stacking 15%-25% of them depending on quality of the data. I'll be trying 5 minute videos next just to get more good frames only because of the poor conditions here. Just depends on what conditions are like there where you are.

Your images #2 and #6 show the signs of good detail coming through from the shadowed to highlighted areas.

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