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EQMOD home position and sky alignment

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Hopefully this is an obvious question. I am using my scope on a pier mount controlled by EQMOD. I take the scope in every time I use it and then attach in exactly the same position the next time I use.

If I have my home position defined and then star align my scope my adding stars to EQMOD, should I then simply be able to park my scope, remove my scope, and then at some later date reattach and simply continue. The original star alignment procedure should still be accurate, and will not need doing again ?



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It may work, if the first Star is a bit out a center and sync won't do any harm it should bring it back on track, my Scope is left on the Mount but the clutches are undone and the scope moved to allow the roof to close (i know there is a user defined park option), on a restart i issue a GoTo and when the Mount has stopped i manually align to the Star and this puts it back where it think it should be......I always Sync on any object i GoTo so a couple of moves and its all good again...

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