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How To Build A Diy Observatory For £200


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It is a bit Heath Robinson, but is water tight

& it works. Decking & wood from Wicks £85.

Gazebo + weights £79. New side panels £23.

The view I get is East ,between the two houses.

Lights go out in the close at 1230 ,so it is dark. 

The back of the Gazebo, is screwed to the

front of the shed.







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I reinforced the frame with wooden battens. The side panels are heavy duty canvas panels, from Amazon. If U

need any more info,  give me a shout.

4 minutes ago, xtreemchaos said:

great job mate, you have gave me a good idea. i have a Gazebo but the framework isnt as strong as yours but in a few months when the weathers better i might give it a go. thanks for sharing,charl.


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2 hours ago, Linda said:

Nice and very doable looking construction. 

Very easy. The planets go from East to West. That is Y

I designed it like it is. Getting Jupiter over about 2230,

followed by Mars @  0230, & Saturn about 0400.



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