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Synscan v3 update failed...plz help

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Help!!  I've tried to update my Synscan v3 AZ goto.  Followed instructions. Done the 0/8 power up etc etc.  I get this message when I try to update.  

Firmware update failed. Cycle power to Synscan and try again.

Now the handset won't power up unless I run it in update mode, and I have tried to run it again. It gets to 3.74% and that message pops up.  ?

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Fortunately I have never had an issue but many others have. I believe the main culprits are the selected transfer bit rate and/or an inadequate quality of USB to Serial converter. Someone with more detail will be along soon.

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Second post ever on this site so hopefully its useful. Having updated my Synscan version 3 eventually I learnt 2 things. 1. Many of these USB to RS adapters use the Prolific driver and their web-site has a warning about "cheap Chinese cables" that cause timing problems and quite often wint even connect properly - giving an error code (10) - which is a typically helpful message from windows 10. Lots of posts on that. 2. Many very recent PCs (I built mine late 2014) which have USB 2 and 3 have compatibility problems with old USB stuff.  In the end I had to get my old laptop out and it worked perfectly. Update went OK thank goodness. And yes COM port settings need to be checked as per telescope manual.

So, get a good quality cable from reliable supplier as some have suggested eg Maplins rather than fleabay cheap and nasty and if you have a really new computer you may experience problems.

Oh, and I found a Synscan manual on the net that just covers the controller and seems much more detailed that the scope/mount/controller combined manual that came with the scope.

Hope these comment are helpful.

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