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So with my camera in the eyepeice I the Orion Nebula takes up around 60% of the picture. So there is the scale of what I can see. 

I can currently take only 30s exposures, but I have a shutter release cable on the way. In the meantime what should I image that would look decent and that I would be able to see? Andromeda in my eyepeice is a faint grey smudge, and in a 30s exposure picture it looks like a multicolored smudged... Nothing interesting there. 

Once I do have my shutter release what should I image then? I've tried a lot of random DSO's with 30s exposure only and I literally can't see anything there but stars, is this just not a high enough exposure to collect the light needed to see the objects?



Edit: I'm using a NexStar 90slt computerized. 1200mm focal length. Camera is a Nikon D3200 ISO 800-3200.You don't have to comment about the tripod/mount, I know it's not recommended for astrophotography, but that's what I have and it will have to do.

Sorry, I can't post the picture it won't let me for some reason!

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It would help to know what scope (objective size, focal length) and what ISO you are using.

An 8" reflector with a camera at ISO 12800 will almost burn out some DSOs, albeit with quite a lot of noise, but with a 4" and camera ISO 200 you will need to stack several frames to get detail.   

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I think this topic will help you.

A quick look through the first page and I think your exposure is too long for your set up. Try 8 seconds. Your first post makes me think the image is blown out and the detail smudged from rotation. Try some more :-)

Read here

Also at least use your delay shutter release option while waiting for a cable.

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