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Quick Question On Skywatcher RACI 9x50 Finderscope

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Hi - 

Got this recently and am delighted with it - easy to use, even when viewing at high angles, also everything is the right way round.

It also satisfies my need for a low mag, wide angle EP, which I can't get with an f = 1500mm 'scope.

However, the finder's eyepiece comes out at a less-than-convenient angle.  I've tried to gently rotate it a little, but am wary of applying force that might do damage.

Does anyone know if these things can actually be rotated, or is the orientation fixed?

Many thanks.

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The Finderscope is held by an O ring at the front, a spring loaded support and two adjustment bolts at the rear. It's entirely for you to decide the rotational angle of the eyepiece. There is a certain amount of friction to overcome to turn the main tube but this can be reduced by releasing the adjustment screws and rotating to the required position and then readjusting the pointing direction.

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I'm not sure if I've understood your question but you can easily turn the whole finder in the ring by loosening the adjustment screws and releasing the pressure on the spring loaded pin.


As Avocette says, must type quicker.

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