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Getting started (and finishing) with imaging


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Well, my first forray into imaging didn't last long. After a long hard look and decisions on what camera to get I settled for a Canon EOS 750D, brand new, two months ago. The first shot I took skyward came out with a horizontal line across the top of the image. Persevering, hoping that this was a one-off little glitch, my second night out proved that this seems to be a "permanent feature". I first thought this only appeared with exposures of 15th of a second and slower but on closer inspection, it's present on other images too.

I logged a support call with Canon yesterday and I have to send it back for repair. Blinkin Nora! I've only taken about 50 shots with it.

Given the price and brand, I really thought Canon would be the best choice for quality and reliability or have I got it all wrong?

Would be interested to know if others have experienced a similar problem.

I've posted an example picture.



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Odd defect, I hope that they can fix it under warranty although I expect either the sensor or the camera will need to be replaced.

If it appears in dark frames you would be able to process it out but it could leave a dark line instead.

It is certainly annoying to have such a defect on a new camera.


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My Canon 450D developed a similar horizontal line and the sensor was replaced by Canon under warranty. However, don't worry, you have bought a reliable make of camera that will be an excellent start in astrophotography despite the unfortunate fault this one has developed. I have had several Canon DSLR cameras and wouldn't even consider another brand although others are no doubt just as good.

Once the camera is returned to you repaired, just put this behind you and get on and enjoy using it!

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Yep, every company has the off manufacturing defect that gets past QA.  With canon, I've not heard of this before.  I've got two canon EOS's (30D and 70D) both have been perfect so far. The 30D I had for about 10 years, the 70D is about a year old now.  I'd highly recommend Canon as a camera maker.  Even my point and shoot cameras have been canon - my first died because it was dropped on concrete (not by me) and my second is running perfectly after 5 years.

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