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  1. I started off a few years ago (well, 6 according to my profile) with a Skywatcher 200p on a EQ5 mount which I've persevered with over the years although I must admit it has been a bit of a struggle, especially fumbling in the dark for the DEC/RA knobs and locating DSO's and manual tracking etc. Even so, it's been an interesting journey and when I eventually have found my quest, it has been all the more rewarding. I've even kept a crude little diary with pencil sketches of what I've seen. A colleague of mine recently bought at NexStar 6SE and I must admit that I was impressed. Saw more in
  2. After sending it off for repair it came back from Canon with the sensor replaced and looks good as new. Problem solved. Now the fun begins!
  3. Thanks for replies. Reckon I've just been unlucky. It's going back to the retailer.
  4. Well, my first forray into imaging didn't last long. After a long hard look and decisions on what camera to get I settled for a Canon EOS 750D, brand new, two months ago. The first shot I took skyward came out with a horizontal line across the top of the image. Persevering, hoping that this was a one-off little glitch, my second night out proved that this seems to be a "permanent feature". I first thought this only appeared with exposures of 15th of a second and slower but on closer inspection, it's present on other images too. I logged a support call with Canon yesterday and I have to send it
  5. Being a relative beginner I find everything facinating and nothing boring
  6. Came back from Kefalonia at the end of June. Many interesting things to see further south around the tail end of Scorpios and the Milky Way. A lot less light polution too. It was quite spectacular and I whish I had taken a bigger pair of bins. Got the lat/long from Google Earth and keyed it into Stellarium and it worked quite well. Hope you have a great time.
  7. Thank you all very much for your warm welcome. My daughter and me have been out on the odd clear night that we have had over the past two or three months down here in the south east, learning a couple of constellations, picking our way through a lunar 100 list (just 11 ticked off so far when the moon has been out) and had a glimpse of Andromeda too all with a pair of 10x50 bins so I thought enough is enough, sod it, I'm going to buy a telescope! Which I have. The Skywatcher 200p on an EQ5 mount. It seems to be quite popular and gets a good write up and after a week of rain and cloud (again), I
  8. Hi to everyone from Alan in Rainham, Kent. "A string of brilliant jewels floating in the dark abyss of infinity" That is how I describe my first ever sighting of Jupiter and her moons last night through something a bit more substantial than a pair of bins. Great site here with a mine of knowledge.
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