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  1. Hiya all. Short version of the question - can I make my solar filter square, and will that affect the view in any negative way? To elaborate: I have bought a piece of Baader astro solar film (10x15CM) for my ST80, but then decided, why not use it for my ST120 instead.? The problem: there is, of course, not enough material to make it a full aperture circular filter, ant I would prefer not wasting any by making a mask with a smaller circular filter. Is it possible to mount a full square piece, that way, gaining several square centimeters of aperture? I'm attaching a really crude drawing of what I mean. filter.bmp Thanks for help!
  2. Insanely cool isn't it? Olly, I guess by "big" you mean no less than 20" eh?
  3. unfortunately there is no cable for D70 :? only IR, which isn't convenient for astro at all! I'm hoping to soon get my hands on a D5000, so we'll see how that goes
  4. zhgutas


  5. Thanks armicheal. wish it wasn't so hard to get a focus on dslr, it was literally trial and error, and I've spent like 4/5 of a time trying to get it right. i guess liveview would've helped here a lot
  6. Something weird happened yesterday,and the sky was absolutely clear in midday, with only a slight breeze So I went up on the roof to have my best-so-far sun viewing session with ST80 (baader solar film on an aperture mask, so effectively ST40 ). I was amazed the detail I could see with such a modest aperture and magnification (using ED8 eyepiece). I could even see the brighter faculae here and there, surrounded by darker areas . and all this with my trusty ST80 and a tiny piece of "tinfoil"? wow. today wasn't so good, as thin cloud was covering the entire sky and the wind was blowing like you wouldn't believe, especially on the roof of 16-store building. My Velbon sherpa tripod was shaking all over the place, but I couldn't resist trying catching few shots of our Sun. so here is my first try : Nikon D70 2x SW barlowed on ST80, some 8-10 shots stacked in Registax and processed in CS2. Not perfect, by any means, but I am well chuffed, considering my experience (zilch!) and the equipment used. Thanks for looking. (Larger Image here) Marius
  7. thick haze all over here and it was level 10 earlier this evening according to NOAA POES ;(
  8. well I've been out the other night at -21C, and I had to put quite some effort and force into manually moving my HEQ5, so I'd think that's the limit for me.. don't know if it's the grease acting up, or just the metal itself shrinking after cooling.
  9. didn't have a chance to use mine for like forever, so a clear sky the other night i though what a heck, I'd pull my 200p out to the balcony just to let it get some fresh air. got about 20 minutes of viewing after cooling, and realised I could barely move the OTA around, cause the gears were so stiff for some reason. checked the thermometer.. alrighty.. -23C. ouch..
  10. you can do a whole lot with that setup Jeremy! clear skies!
  11. breathtaking Danilo.. absolutely amazing. P.S. just checked your other work, all of them are absolutely brilliant .. congrats
  12. tried this with a couple of screws today, really works! actually, even one screw makes a huge difference (I ain't gonna try my luck with one screw though,no ). of course it would help having a full-length angled section on the mount as in my sketch, but heq5 effectively only gives two points of attachment on the angled side, both 2cm wide, so have to the get screws as close together as possible. gonna try that properly for sure. Thanks a lot Peter!
  13. I imagine it's something like this? (yeah, very skillful work with sketchup, I know ) the blue thingies represent screw heads btw.
  14. well,tried it today (no scope of course!) and it holds really well from sliding or lifting (could easily lift heq5), but it slips at the angled part if tilted.. alrighty then, back to a drawing board..
  15. Hiya guys and gals. I'm thinking of mounting a second dovetail to my 200p to 1) use as a handle 2) mount a piggyback guider/camera when needed 3) use as quick attachment points for dob alt bearings when I'm finally done with the base Now my scope came with the shorter SW dovetail bar, and I could probably use longer ones for the ease of mounting the bearings etc. Though wanting to spare the ££, could I use rectangle aluminium tubing instead? I've found two pieces lying around, both 380X42X20mm , and 2mm wall thickness. I'm pretty sure these are gonna be OK for dob mounting, but are they gonna be strong enough for EQ? Cheers Marius
  16. I liked the "highly collectable" part
  17. ok, you knew someone would ask, so.. how on earth did this happen?!
  18. Take a look over here, our fellow SGL'er is doing wonderful stuff even through his bedroom window! Superb tips on light pollution there as well. HTH
  19. well you've missed the neb, but at least caught some bunnies, ehem
  20. dreadful weather for viewing here that's for sure.. I can hardly see another house 400 meters away through snow..
  21. oh my... this looks like something from "transformers" . something really really awesome! absolutely magnificent piece of engineering. Marius
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