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which two eyepieces for my ED80?


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Why  a 2" ?

Changing between a 2" and a 1.25" eyepiece is long, you have to add or remove the adaptor as well as changing the eyepiece. You could spend more time swapping eyepieces then viewing. Especially as you as for Wide and Planetary, the purpose is different.

Question 2: Where are you?

Something says not necessarily the UK.

Planetary for Jupiter mewans say 80x = 7mm, for Saturn it means about 120x = 4.6.

Could try the X-Cel at 5mm, would cover (just about) both. The 2.3mm X-Cel is I suspect too much.

For the Wide end get a 1.25" and to maintain commonality try the 25mm X-Cel.

There is the BST Starguiders and they have a 5mm and 25mm that are a match to the X-Cels and they also have a 3.2mm that might just work. Bit of a gamble on that one.

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I am looking information on two eyepieces for my ED80/555, one wide angle 2" and other ep. For planetary observation.

Thank you



A very nice grab & go scope you have there. 

The strength of the small ED scopes are the wide field view, and reasonably good planetary and double star work. So a widest possible 2" and a 6mm should be a excellent starter kit. There are many good choices,  question remains though: what your budget and preference (glasses or not), or other eyepieces you have?

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Hi Paul, I didn't think the SW ED80 had a 2" focuser, it's only 1.25" isn't it?  Otherwise Ronin's suggestions of BST StarGuiders is good, or the Celestron x-Cel LX's.

My SW ED 80 definitely has a 2" focuser :smiley:

As for eyepieces, depends on your budget......

If you have a low power wide field 2" eyepiece, you can leave a 2" to 1.25" adapter on a higher power EP, makes switching between the two fast & easy.

Regards, Ed.

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