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Controlling Meade 1206 focuser without base AUX port?


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Bit of a long shot this - I've de-forked my LX90 and re-mounted on an AZ-EQ6 and am starting to build a new observatory. I have a Meade electric focuser for the LX90 which connects via a mini-jack plug into the APM 909 port on the LX90. I've just realised that the 909 then plugs into the AUX port of the Base where the old forks connect to and so I've now lost my ability to remote control the focus from a PC.


Well, I was always going to de-fork, so that's the way it is - but is there a way of controlling the focuser another way? Should I even consider taking the electronics out of the base and re-connecting the Autostar controller so that I can have a serial link to the focuser? Has anyone tried something so mad? I'm reasonably electronically competent so don't mind a challenge, and I'd prefer not to have to buy a new focuser when I kind of have all the bits.




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Both the #1206 and the #1209 Meade focusers can be ran from a JMI controller pack.

On the MAPUG site there were designs for a switchable controller, only needs a 9v battery.

I used one similar for a few years on the 12" Lx200

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Hi Roger,

Some other alternatives:

1. Shoestring FCUSB http://www.store.shoestringastronomy.com/products_fc.htm  - they say it will work with #1209, so should be OK with the #1206.  Available in the UK here: http://www.opticstar.com/Run/Astronomy/Astro-Accessories-Imagers-Shoestring.asp?p=0_10_5_0_5_40  I use one to control a DIY focuser motor on my MAK - works fine.

2.  Hitec Astro DC Focus: http://hitecastro.co.uk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=55:hitecdcfocus&catid=41:hitecdcfocus&Itemid=54 available from FLO: http://www.firstlightoptics.com/astronomy-cables-leads-accessories/hitecastro-dc-focus-controller.html

3. If you fancy a more DIY route, have a look at this thread by Louise, which uses a Motorbee controller: http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/233101-simple-usb-motorfocuser

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