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My first binocular surprise


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As recently posted we recently bought a pair of Celestron Granite 8x42 binoculars (lucky on price as right now they are on promotional offer from Celstron and that made a big dent into the price, FLO have them available).

Just been outside (well clouds cut short a bigger telescope session) and wow could make out all 4 moons of Jupiter.

Very surpised as my old 8x30 fat chance Jupiter was an ill defined bright blob and no more.

But these ED glass binoculars wow 4 moons and a nice defined disk.

Took a swing over to the Moon and that looked really good and there was no CA visable at all and nice defintion along the edge.

The Orion nebula looked distinct.

Very pleased with these for sure and easy to hold with gloves with the open bridge design.

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Yes we are enjoying them alot. The eyecap design is pants but hey they get taken off anyway.

They are not being used particularily for anything, just wanted a useable quality pair of binoculars and they are fitting this very well.

If we were going to use them for at lot more astro observing then may have considered 10x50.

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