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At last a clear sky


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Well since receiving my first telescope at Christmas I have been struggling to get a good session of viewing the night sky, what with work and the never ending cloud cover.

Tonight however, just as we were getting ready to settle down for a relaxing evening, I had a quick check out of the window to check the sky (something I seem to be doing most nights now), and what do I see..........Clear sky's.

So out into the garden I go and while setting up my gear and aligning my scope I can't help thinking to myself "Is this really going to be worth the fumbling around in the dark and the constant sniffing due to the cold weather -  the really cold weather ! ! !".

Well I select my first object to view 'The Orion Nebula', Well was it worth it ............ OH YES what an awesome view. I spent the next hour almost oblivious to the weather as I slewed across the sky viewing a number of objects before a light cloud cover moved in and drew the curtains on my viewing.

Since having my equipment I have managed only to view and image the Moon (which I did last month), before losing the sky to cloud. But after tonight I can't wait to get my camera on the scope and take images of what I have seen tonight.

Who cares about the cold weather and the runny nose, well maybe a little bit. But it was certainly worth it.

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Yes, you're hooked. Line and sinker.

Still, while you're freezing and sniffling and fogging up your eyepiece you'll also be affirming and recharging your spirit batteries - the universe does that to you. Welcome to the boundless...

And as for checking the sky every half hour - kiss your curtains goodbye :D

ps....My humble tuppenceworth, said as a newish apprentice -stargazer myself, much as you want to start imaging immediately, observe first. Lots. Watch these wonders and learn their idiosyncracies, their 'moods' if you will, how the light moves in and on them.... I think your images will be the better for that time spent *looking*...


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