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Just a quicky with more to come.... Comet Lovejoy

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Last night I grabbed 56x120s with the 5DIII and Canon 200/2.8L @ f3.5 ISO 800 with a  77mm IDAS filter on the front...

DSS was playing silly beggars so I have only processed a short stack of  for now and will try pre-processing the raws into tiffs and stacking them instead... Hopefully the full stack with  a lot more data should bring out a bit more in the tail....

So as a place holder ....


Comet Lovejoy Comet Stacked 22x120s  ISO800 discontinuities due to clouds

by psmithuk, on Flickr

The gaps in the star trails are from the subs that I rejected because of passing clouds...

The later subs were pretty cloud free so I might just use those for the comet stacked version...

DSS kept hanging showing <1s remaining when I tried Comet+star stacking :(

I might have to do it manually...

Apparently DSS will appear to hang just before the end of the Comet + Stars stacking method so I will just leave it sit there for a while...

The machine an Hex core (12 thread) I7 @ 4.2 GHZ with 64 GB or ram  so hopefully wont have to wait too long...


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About halfway through the image run the camera "switched" from landscape to "portrait" mode and this possibly caused issues with DSS even though it shouldn't :(

Also any calibration frames tend to cause it to produce a weird result...  So I'm planning to pre-process the raws into Tiffs and see how it get's on then...


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