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Sunspot Reprocessed


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Got bored waiting for a sunspot so I started playing with some from last summer (or was it the year before :D ).

Played with deconvolution a bit and i think it's pulled some more definition and granularity out.

Anyway, thought I'd plonk it on here as we haven't had any spots for a while :lol:

ED80, Televue 2 Barlow, undriven on alt-az mount.

Homemade Baader Astrofilm filter.



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Very interesting... "undriven" and post processed. Having remarked on an initial purchase of a white light filter, I did begin to wonder about the various possibilities to reveal FINE details. And it would be so nice (and easier) to conduct these experiments in a warmer environement... :wink:

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I saw the title Tony, and thought where did he get a sunspot from at this time, now I know.:wink:

The granularity is showing through quite nicely in that image.

Only another 5 years, and we should have plenty to choose from, hopefully.


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