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  1. Very sad News, My condolences to his family, what an inspiring man! Ray
  2. gorgeous images! cheers Ray
  3. that is truly stunning...it looks like a special effects shot!!! cheers Ray
  4. Irridium flares like buses you can't one for ages then 2 come at once. taken in wales on a cold january 2nd tripod mounted canon 400d EOS with remote standard 18-33 lens (click to enlarge) this one had the moon and venus in shot this next one was a longer exposure..irritating thing is a big red quadrantid was zipping by just above this shot as the *&*^^Uing shutter was open but hey astronomy is a bit like fishing..(you should have seen the one that got away (click to enlarge) hope you all enjoy, happy new year everyone cheers Ray
  5. Out again tonight lovely and clear in London though I think some freezing fog may be coming in ETX70AT with fuji finepix F20 mounted afocally (click to enlarge) (click to enlarge) it's great to see the shadow move over consecutive nights hope you guys enjoy..though I must say my Clavius is a lot further away looking than some of the stunners I have seen in the lounge tonight, some of them look like you are flying over them in a LM cheers Ray
  6. out tonight with the ETX70AT and afocally set up Fuji finepix F20..stitched the shots together in photoshop (click to enlarge) (click to enlarge) hope you enjoy cheers Ray
  7. beautiful!, I think you may a bit of galiliean action there...I was totally clouded out..very frustrating..lovely pics though cheers Ray
  8. these are lovely easily enough to make a composite! cheers Ray
  9. nice boiling action there!!...ironic get a bit of activity on teh sun and it clouds over cheers Ray
  10. always wanted to catch one of these canon 400d eos with m52 adapter 500mm and x2 teleconvertor (click to enlarge)
  11. this morning about 4 AM, canon400d eos 300 mm combined a few in photoshop to get the balance right (click to enlarge)
  12. (click to enlarge) it was just clouds of mosquitos above the trees...caught in the dying rays of the sun canon 400d EOS 75-300 mm zoom taken on 27th sept in south wales
  13. myself and a work mate went out to catch it on a fag break I had a fuji finepix, he had a piece of welder's glass. (click to enlarge) (click to enlarge) hope you like our guerilla astronomy, just goes to show that you don't always need all that fancy kit..just knowing where to look and patience cheers Ray
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