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The Dan Quayle PotatoE challenge


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I've just realised my telescope has been mounted upside down which explains the stupid contortions I have been having having to perform just to look through the finderscope. Well I feel pretty stupid but what is even sadder is that I'm pretty sure my very good friend who has leant it to me turned it the otherway round when everything he looked at was upside down :lol:

I would be interested to know of other peoples less glorious moments. A prize of a potatoE for the the best :lol:


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I haven't got any great stories.

I do the usual of hitting my nose on the eyepiece, tripping over & dropping eyepieces etc.

The most dense thing I have done was when trying to work some calulations I spent 3 hours using the wrong figures and could work out why my result were wrong. It was a total waste of an evening.

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lol i have, tried taking an image , spent ages figuring out what the hell was going on then relised i had the cap on the camera lol heheheheheh , yea yea ok , OLD GIT I KNOW , but it happens guys dont it , another time my Atik fell out the scope , popped it back, fell on the patio again , popped it back a third time, and bang on the floor again well that was it rattle rattle fell to bits heheheheh ,oh well £350 down the drain , luckly the insurance paid out for a new one , sooo Martin we have all been there i think ,

Come on guys spill the beans lets here some of your , and ladies to whoo hoo


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