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"Black Marble" Earth View


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Have others looked at the zoomable "Black Marble" Earth view?I just found this on Space.com,and the accuracy of the map is incredible,at least for around here.According to another light map our cabin is just into the "grey" zone,& it kind of is.The Black Marble shows a small light source right around a cluster of lake homes & a of couple lodges,which ours is just on the edge of.Because I'm very familiar with the surrounding area I can verify that where the light sources are the map shows them with extreme accuracy.I'm amazed.Whats really good for me is that where I went last night, is OUT of the light zones completely,whereas before I thought it was just on the edge.I checked out UK and is sure shows the "dark" places,worth a look for those seeking some blackness.

PS - the map shows a light source(around our place) of only 20-25 homes,over a few square miles,it is that accurate.

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Here I think - http://www.livescien...able-image.html

Although nt quite as hi def as I was hoping.



Thanks for putting the link in,I don't know how to do it.From what I see of this map is the light pollution "washes" out some resolution,but in my case I can not only see the lake I'm on,but the bay-however that is because its dark & shows the outline of the bigger lakes & rivers.I checked UK,& not being familiar with it,I could still find some good spots to try,lots of them.Surprisingly,just south of me in Minnesota there is a very dark swath in between heavy light.So just as a check, would it be considered darker around a town called Denbigh?Maybe left of town & just above Llyn Brenig?Those are the shadows I'd look for to try, curious how it applies nearer bright light domes.Going Lake Trout fishing....

Clear Skies

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