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  1. Thanks guys... Very easy to get bogged down going over specs etc. Best to just put the money down and start using them.
  2. I have about £50 to spend on a binocular, and these two models have caught my attention. Binocular Sky gave the Opticron Adventurer a really good review, describing it as "a stunningly good binocular for fifty quid." That's basically enough to sell it to me, but I notice the Olympus set has a lot of very positive customer reviews, plus it comes with a 25 year warranty... Has anyone on here got any thoughts on or experience with either models? Thanks. Opticron Adventurer 10x50 Olympus DPS1 10x50
  3. I'm actually quite pleased with these... Not bad for an iPhone held to the eyepiece. The autofocus ruined it a bit.
  4. Looking at Mars with the naked eye tonight I found it noticeably more yellow than usual, in fact I wasn't even entirely sure if it was Mars or Saturn until I looked through a telescope at it... Even then, it was very washed out with a sort of milky orange appearance. I could make out absolutely no surface detail whatsoever. The only thing I could see clearly was a slight gibbous phase... Not the most visually spectacular observing session, but very interesting all the same.
  5. Try searching for the "sub-lunar point" on http://www.skymarvels.com... That's what that point is called, where the Moon is exactly at the Zenith. Obviously Earth's rotation means it changes over minutes and hours. But that will give you it's exact location at any time. EDIT: Here it is... I hope. http://skymarvels.com/infopages/vids/Earth - Sub-lunar Point 001.htm
  6. I've just been looking at the binders for sale on the Astronomy Now site. Just wondered if anyone knows how many of the mags each one holds... It doesn't say on the site description. https://shop.astronomynow.com/product/astronomy-now-binder/
  7. Probably the best idea... I've just set it up and realigned it with the main tube, now that it's fixed in place and held steady it all seems to be okay fortunately.
  8. Probably not really... For one thing I can't really see any way inside it. I have been thinking about an upgrade, since without a diagonal it's quite awkward to use.
  9. I was just packing up my new scope after a good couple of hours enjoying the Andromeda Galaxy, and the double cluster in Cassiopeia. Just as I went to replace the cap on my finderscope the damn thing just shot straight out of its bracket and landed eyepiece first on the concrete. I can't see any immediate damage, but looking through it the cross hairs appear to be doubled up, something I didn't notice before. I'm worried I've knocked a lens out of line, and I've only had it a week.
  10. Haha... Not just solar system, but mainly that.
  11. I have a telescope... It's just that taking beautiful pictures isn't what I'm interested in. Sitting indoors, at a computer screen just isn't my idea of astronomy... I just don't get a thrill from that. I like to be out there in the freezing cold, looking at objects directly... Plus, I'm more into solar system objects than deep sky.
  12. Something I ought to mention... I nearly started a separate thread for this, but it would be pointless. S@N seems to have a lot of focus on astrophotography... Something that's never been of any real interest to me. Apart from the quick snap I took of the Moon that's now my profile picture... My interest in astronomy has always been scientific, and I'm much more interested in observation, learning and recording, maybe some sketching too. So any mag that concentrates on this would be ideal.
  13. It seems to be since Patrick's death that things have gone a bit down hill... I don't know how much input he had on the magazine though, besides his monthly article, and his Moonwatch column. Right now, the only thing that's encouraging me to renew the S@N subscription is the offer of two free books. I think I'll nip into Tesco this week and buy a copy of Astronomy Now, just to give it a go.
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