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First try...

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Good evening...assume most of you are out in the wild right now and enjoy the night.

I just came back in after playing with my latest purchase...this USB-Astro-Cam

Anybody got any comprehensive experience with this piece? Did try it on Saturn with my dob (200/1200 Skywatcher) and did shoot enclosed picture.

Is this the kind of quality I can should expect from this camera or is there something I can do to improve the quality? Played a little bit with the settings but no luck.

Also tried the camera on my 90/900 refractor but could not find Saturn at all through the camera...finder scope was perfectly aligned tho :shocked:

Could the image through the refractor be too dark for the camera to pickup?


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That is quite good for a basic shot through your Dob. To get the planet a bit bigger you will need a barlow lens (A 2x will double the image size). As for the refractor - it is most likely that you simply missed the planet on the camera sensor. The sensor is very small and, unlike your eye, cannot "search around the field of view" if you dont get the object bang on first try! Practice will make that a lot easier for you.

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That's a good image. I didn't get much more without a Barlow on my 200P with a Phillips SPC900NC webcam. As Roger said, get a good Barlow and try again. Please get a GOOD one! I was using a 4x Imagemate which I thought was good and wondered why my images were rubbish! I then tried a TAL 3X from a friend and was gobsmacked at the difference.


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Hi there congrats on your first image and the new camera ,looks great you may get more help,and advice if you move this to the imaging section planetary,This takes skill and practice to get any planet on the chip its self as already said a,good barlow is needed to get it bigger

keep at it and expect lots of headaches frustration,shouting and general things not going right ,this will set you on a long journey have a pop at the moon next time its about


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