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DSLR with Skywatcher 130P

Glen Den

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I have a friend who has a Skywatcher 130P SynScan AZ Goto and he was told that it wouldn't be able to be brought to a focus for a DSLR. Is this true?

He was also told that he would have to image through the eyepiece with an Orion Universal camera Adapter and T2/(Canon EOS) ring - is this this the only option for DSLR photography with this telescope?

Thanks, Ian.

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i have a 130 and i cant focus with my dslr because you cant get close enough to the mirror ,i looked on the net and the fix for me is to use a barlow as well as a t ring bayonet adaptor for what ever make of camera you have ,now i can focus on stars and planets , http://www.popastro.com/help/help.php?title_pag=Imaging%20with%20a%20DSLR%20through%20the%20telescope . i hope this will help Scott

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On a lot of the Skywatchers, you should be able to unscrew the inch and quarter eyepiece adapter.

The T-Ring for the camera will then screw directly into the focuser.

This will allow you to reach focus.

Adding a Barlow lens will reduce the field of view and lower the light levels even further.

This will make astrophotography much more of a challenge.

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The other possibility, if you need the extra back focus is to move the main mirror up the tube 10mm or so. If you do the 'six spring mirror mod':

Then you can kill five birds with one stone- move the mirror to a better position for imaging, increase the collimation stability with stronger springs, increase the collimation stability by having three extra springs (instead of the useless 'locking' bolts) and if you do the cone contact mod stop the main mirror sliding around in the x-y axis as well.


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