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Lunt/C6R mod. June 8th Solar Ha

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You're not wrong Ken. I tend to judge the seeing by what I see on the laptop screen. In the morning session with the Tal, the image was stable and easy to focus. I had made some refinements to the pst etalon and went through the clocking proceedure to get the sweetspot central and more uniform and all was working well.

Then I switched to the Lunt mod in the afternoon. There was a slight breeze, the temp was higher and the image was far less stable on the screen. That closeup is only 8 frames out of 1000. I don't stack anything less than 80% quality in AS!2 and I only go down to 80% if I really need to.

I can get more detail with the Lunt mod due to its aperture and focal length but it is a heavy beast and more difficult to use. I will make a smaller, lighter 120mm version, and maybe adapt the Tal as well.

I was reasonably pleased with the pic, but I had to be a bit heavy handed with the PP, and it shows.

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