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2nd bite of the cherry , plus a very nice bonus.

Steve Ward

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This mornings effort was pitiful so I had another go after lunch ,

And what a great session it turned out to be . . . :laugh:

Firstly the seeing had improved in as much as it was steady for 20 seconds at a time as opposed to the 40 milliseconds this morning , it let me get enough good'uns for a decent image , including the two tiddly new spots that were showing on SDO first thing. . . . :smiley:

Secondly I was treated to a proper show from six young Buzzards as they calmly resisted the attentions of the local Rook population , about 40 of the black fellas having a real go . . . :p

Then halfway through the second set I heard the unmistakable sound of fast approaching Merlin engines . . . :laugh: . . . Quickly wrenching the camera from the scope and chucking on the 75-300 I managed to grab a few frames of the " Eagle Squadron " on their way home from the Duxford Airshow.

2nd Bite Full Disc from 15:30 , stack of 20 from 100.


" Eagle Squadron " .... Four of the Finest ..... Mk 1a Supermarine Spitfire , Hawker Hurricane , P-47 G Thunderbolt " Snafu " , P-51 C Mustang " Princess Elizabeth ".






Fabulous way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon . . . :grin:

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