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M42 11.11.07

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My first go at a DSO :D

Canon 300D (unmodded) prime focus

25 x 60 sec ISO 800

20 x 60 Darks ISO 800

Stacked with DSS and played around in CS3

Bit disapointed i burnt the core out and lost trapezium :D would a higher ISO/shorter time sort this?

Anyhows the image, Im still learning photoshop so could be better.


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It's a shame, that is not very far off being an excellent image.


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Don't be too disappointed after only your first go at M42, it is quite easy to burn out the core.

Getting the core at a reasonable level, while also capturing the gas and dust, is a bit of a balancing act.

As Ron says, that had the 'makings' of a good image.

I can't comment on the ISO settings, as I don't use my DSLR for astro imaging, but I'm sure KK can help you, if you let have a look at one of your subs.


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OK, so you got the DSS bit wrong, but I'm no expert as DSS usually hates me like I've spat in it's beer. The autosave is only t he first step in the process.

After all the stacking palaver has finished you need to mess with the luminance sliders so that the black wavy line that you can move is pushed a bit further to the right i.e. the rise in the curve starts further across the histogram. You'll have to mess with the sliders and keep hitting "apply" to make it happen until the image looks better (which I can guarantee it will) and then do a "save picture to file" to move on to Photoshop.


Kaptain Klevtsov

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