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osc vs mono for planetary


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Hi there,

I know there is alot about one shot colour over mono imaging, but no one seems to take into consideration planet rotation.

I currently have a DFK 21 AU04 colour imaging source camera and was thinking of getting the DMK 21 AU618 mono, but with planet rotation, surley the DFK 21 AU618 colour would be better.

With mono, you only get say 40 seconds of each rgb channel where a colour will get 4 minutes of uninterupted data. Will this compensate for the time taken changing filters (even with a usb filter wheel) and produce simalar images?

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Mono is a lot more sensative than colour and using Winjupos you can easily take 2.5 min AVIs of each colour and then combine. I use a manual filter wheel so add maybe 30 secs between AVIs. This was taken using that technique with no rotation issues.


I have never been able to achieve the same with my colour DBK.

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Thanks bunnygod, i think i will up my game and switch to mono. Ive also looked into winjupos, and it looks like a fantastic piece of software. The shorter capture times was putting me pff, but with this, it doesnt matter :)

Cheers guys.

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