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Which 150 Newton?

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Which one of these Newtonians would you buy:

Orions Optics 150

TAL 150P

Skywatcher 150P

Rather sheepishly I have to confess to a unexpected interest in one of these on the advise of my GP, honestly you don't want to know, no really you don't :(

Heart says TAL, it would be going on my AZ 4 BTW. An EQ is out as I have lug my scope around the garden quite a bit to escape light polution and high trees. We live in a small cotage so a dob is out of the question, my refractor lives under the bed as it is.

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The OOUK would most likely have the better optics so if you're not concerned about the extra cost, I would get one of those. I have the SkyWatcher 150P on an AZ4 and it's a great match. Optically very good, good build quality, holds collimation well (all my deep sky images are done with this same scope). If it got nicked or broken I would buy another tomorrow. Can't comment on the Tal, never even seen one.

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the TAL i can comment on, the 150P is very sturdy and built to last, the mirror coatings are very very good. having looked through a "Chinese" model, well lets say no contest, the TAL is just better.

i have had some amazing views through mine, exquisite luna views, Mars, excellent detail with shaded areas and the polar cap. fine banding of Jupiter and very sharp views of saturn and its glorious rings.

So, robust in construction, excellent mirror coatings and comes with a GEM and other little extras, a fantastic finder too....

my vote, the TAL and at the price? its a no brainer really.

keep us informed and i look forwards to reading a review! ;)

PS. they hold collimation like a fat guy holding a cake, very good :) (no offence meant, not super thin myself lol)


the new models (2009 onwards) come with a 2/1.25" focuser

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If I go down that route, and it is a big if, I'll go for the TAL. I love my 100RS and seriously do not want to part with it but have begun to experience pain in a sensitive part of my anatomy. Did you know there is a nerve which runs down back to that area, neither did I, I do now, its no joke.

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further note, those Xcel LX's you have work a treat in the TAL 150P.

i was toying with the idea of getting the 100RS and a skytee but then i though "why, the TAL barlow (supplied) increases my f ratio.

i know where you are coming from on the back issue, you wont get that with a newt but you may get the "neck" issue with the straight through finder. i know! you just cant win can you!

i just wish that the right angled finder TAL have produced for their 150APO could be bought seperate

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I have looked through all 3 and owned a 150mm F5 OO scope, my freind had a Tal150. The Tal is really well buil and was very heavy compaired to the OO scope, the optics on the SW were the least impressive, I'd flip a coin between the Tal and OO scope, my OO had te crayford on it which was very good.

The Tal has an excellent finder scope the best I have looked through.


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