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  1. I took it the gent was talking about open cluster quality resolution with individual stars being nice tight pin points
  2. M13 is a globular cluster. The stars within this cluster are too far away and too close together for individual stars to be seen
  3. Have a look here... http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/125160-revelation-100mm-f6-apo-grabngo-setup/page__p__1243511#entry1243511
  4. Its made me realise how much I've missed observing with this awful weather, it was great just to get the scope out.
  5. Sadly no, although I did a little white light solar and a little lunar at dawn (wife is a nurse and woke me at daft o'clock) it was too cloudy last night.
  6. Indeed, the Lyra is lovely, excellent quality and very expensive for an achro thats almost a bare tube. Lets tot it all up... Scope £380 Diagonal £70 (your not going to put a cheap diagonal on a scope like this are you?) Finder £60-75 Total = £520-ish Or you could buy a TAL 100RS for £250 + another 20 quid for a dovetail. You could do like I did cruise the second hand market for an ED scope
  7. Me too, any word on a Android version?
  8. Orion Extension pier Skywatcher AZ4 Celestron Viberation Supression Pads Homemade Red Torch Stellarium Celestron X-Cel LX ep's Baader Solar Film Planisphere Ironing Board Chair Turn Left at Orion
  9. Right comfy bed it is....See you there chaps
  10. I can stay over in Rainow nr Macclesfield (only14 miles away over the tops) so I might just come over for the night and head off to a proper bed in the wee small hours, is that possiable?
  11. There ought be some sort of scope run, a astro version of a booze criuse out to Italy, and bring a load back, what a laugh an astro Itaian job
  12. Have a look at page 2 http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/151337-tal-125-review-by-mr-english/page__hl__%20tal%20%20125r__st__20
  13. Good move, I did exactly the same thing a couple of years back, never regreted it for a minute.
  14. Very good, saved to my favorites...ta
  15. Patience they is a vertue, seldom seen in a woman, and never in a man
  16. Ok I think I'll come as well, be a laugh
  17. You certainly would have lots left over for some nice ep's if you went down the ED100 route
  18. If you can't get hold of an ED120 second hand then I would suggest the only options are buy one new or buy a ED100, these do come up far more often than ED120's, mine was sub 400 quid in perfect nick
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