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  1. I took it the gent was talking about open cluster quality resolution with individual stars being nice tight pin points
  2. M13 is a globular cluster. The stars within this cluster are too far away and too close together for individual stars to be seen
  3. Have a look here... http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/125160-revelation-100mm-f6-apo-grabngo-setup/page__p__1243511#entry1243511
  4. Its made me realise how much I've missed observing with this awful weather, it was great just to get the scope out.
  5. Sadly no, although I did a little white light solar and a little lunar at dawn (wife is a nurse and woke me at daft o'clock) it was too cloudy last night.
  6. Indeed, the Lyra is lovely, excellent quality and very expensive for an achro thats almost a bare tube. Lets tot it all up... Scope £380 Diagonal £70 (your not going to put a cheap diagonal on a scope like this are you?) Finder £60-75 Total = £520-ish Or you could buy a TAL 100RS for £250 + another 20 quid for a dovetail. You could do like I did cruise the second hand market for an ED scope
  7. Me too, any word on a Android version?
  8. Orion Extension pier Skywatcher AZ4 Celestron Viberation Supression Pads Homemade Red Torch Stellarium Celestron X-Cel LX ep's Baader Solar Film Planisphere Ironing Board Chair Turn Left at Orion
  9. Right comfy bed it is....See you there chaps
  10. I can stay over in Rainow nr Macclesfield (only14 miles away over the tops) so I might just come over for the night and head off to a proper bed in the wee small hours, is that possiable?
  11. There ought be some sort of scope run, a astro version of a booze criuse out to Italy, and bring a load back, what a laugh an astro Itaian job
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