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  1. Hi, I tried the WSG case and it has two issues 1) it does not work with my QHY guide cam and 2) it does now work with my L series canon lenses so I went for the £90 option, which I now have working, I had managed to knock the prism out of alignment. My scope collimation was out, but this is 7x10 Min Ha no Flats or darks. Chris
  2. Anyone know how to go back and edit a posting....
  3. Ok, I have managed to image a brick wall at 150 feet with the QSI and QHY6 attached. See below. Ha Brick wall APCDD67 Brightstar OAG then QSI583, scope Meade 8" ACF .0001 sec exposure 2x2 QHY6CCD 16% gain on the Brightstar OAG then the setup... <a href=" title="QSI Brick Wall Ha by chrissuddell, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7385/9691998811_d43f3389ec_c.jpg" width="800" height="602" alt="QSI Brick Wall Ha"></a> <a href=" title="OAG QSI Brick by chrissuddell, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7449/9695230408_51f7a20736_n.jpg" width="320" height="238" alt="OAG QSI Brick"></a> <a href=" title="Canon Camera little one 192 by chrissuddell, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7309/9695266616_655ae79b99_c.jpg" width="600" height="800" alt="Canon Camera little one 192"></a>
  4. Hi, Goog to head the GSO RC and CCD67 works thats very similay to my setup so I should be ok, its probably been knocked about a bit when it was in a box for a year. I'm going to try a daylight focus and see where I go from there. My QHY6 2x2 nomally picks up any guide star even at f20 and I tested it so I should be ok. I just dont want to go back to my old guiding setup. I'll keep you posted. Chris
  5. Morning, Just wanted to see if there is anyone a lot wiser here than I who could help me out a little. My setup I was trying to test the other night is a QSI583WS, attached to a Brightstar Astro Off-Axis Guider, at the pointy end of the setup is a Astro Physics CDT67 telescompressor approx 100mm from the focal plane (105 to get .67) and then this is attached to a Meade 8"ACF (underrated scope). I might be going nut's but when I was out the other night I could not find a guide star, the guide cam is a QHY6, sensitivity is not an issue. Now I have not done any imaging for a year, but I could have sworn blind I used this setup befoe and it was ok, but without the CDT67 telecompressor. I'm wondering if the light cone to the chip is missing the pickup mirror? Any thoughts? The QSI unguided images I was getting was flat and tight across the chip. I'm going to try to get focus today in the daylight just to check, but its driving me nuts. Chris
  6. Hi Olly, I'm with the little out of focus theory here as well, and its also a little noisy. Your going to have to start again :-) With the FWHM for focus, that ok, but I have seen some programs that use that and it does not always work due to seeing. It looks like this just needs a focus tweak. Still a very good image though, but not upto your normal standards. Chris
  7. Hi, I need to make a tube for my Telescope Revelation 12" mirrors (my old tube got squashed) and I have lost the piece of paper I have the old tube dimensions on!!! Grrrr. If anyone has one of these scopes can you drop me a PM, I need to know the overal tube length and the distance from the bottom of the tube to the middle of the focuser. Chris
  8. Hi, I don't think its the camera CCD placement, I took this recently and I think the stars are on in the far corners with this image. This is without the corrector on a Tak at F4.5. Chris m78 LRGB Lighter by chrissuddell, on Flickr
  9. Was down at Olly's a few weeks ago and took three images, one of which I have not processed, and there we only spent a couple of hours on, because I have not had any time to work on them I thought I would post them up as is. Both taken on Olly's Tak 85 at prime with my QSI583 and QHY6 guide cam. Chris M78 m78 LRGB Lighter by chrissuddell, on Flickr M81 & M82 LRGB HDR FINsRGB by chrissuddell, on Flickr
  10. Hi, I have recently completed (appart from the baffling and flocking), a bitza home made F4 8" scope using a GSO 8" F4 scope as the doner for the optics, custom tube, rings, primary support, secondary support and GSO monorail focuser. DSCN4265 by chrissuddell, on Flickr DSCN4263 by chrissuddell, on Flickr DSCN4262 by chrissuddell, on Flickr DSCN4261 by chrissuddell, on Flickr DSCN4260 by chrissuddell, on Flickr Flat Newt by chrissuddell, on Flickr I beleieve the collimation was very good, but I'm getting some odd shaped stars on the top left of my test image. M101-6-5-min-Sig by chrissuddell, on Flickr Alkaid by chrissuddell, on Flickr The setup was 8" F4 scope, MPCC and QSI583, this image is 6x5 Minutes L for M101 and 6x2 minutes on the bright star just to test the secondary, very little processing because its just a scope test. I wondered if anyone has any ideas what this issue could be, I'm begining to think its the MPCC, I have this image with a different scope and optics still an 8" F4, with a DSLR and the same MPCC? IMG_0592 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated. Chris
  11. Hi, I have looked through all 3 and owned a 150mm F5 OO scope, my freind had a Tal150. The Tal is really well buil and was very heavy compaired to the OO scope, the optics on the SW were the least impressive, I'd flip a coin between the Tal and OO scope, my OO had te crayford on it which was very good. The Tal has an excellent finder scope the best I have looked through. Chris
  12. Hi Martin, I also have the AP .67, do you just use a 2" to SCT female on the back of the WS to attach it? Then I assume a filter wheel and SX camera? I also assume there is enough in travel with the focuser with the setup, or did you have any issues? Chris
  13. Hi, I wondered if anyone here has used the EQ5 Skyscan, sometimes called NEQ5. I'm looking for a portable setup to compliment my observatory, nothing too big is required and the imaging will typically be done through a WS66 or ED80, do short focal length work. I'm really trying to find out the raw PE and corrected PE. thanks in advance Chris
  14. Hi, I'm a newbie to the forum so I thought I should at least put one image up here to say hello, and its of themoon the other night, equipment was a tripod, ED80 and EOS300D. Chris
  15. Hi, Just thought I would say hello from South East London. I still consider myself new to the hobby, I now have three years under my belt and I'm looking forward to the next 40, thats providing I survive till 81. Anyways, kinda interested in the technical stuff and will be getting into Spectrograph stuff etc this year. Not a lot to say other than that appart from you will see some questions being asked very shortly on other sections of the forum. Regards Chris P.S. suppose a kit list is in order: 10" F6.3 Newt by Orion Optics, excellent excellent optics tube made of sponge, focuser by Lada. ED80, 10/10 ST80, 10/10 on price VC200L, hmmmmmm nice but you have to get use to it. ST120, not use in anger yet. HX916, B&W Web Cam, EOS (only used for the moon) EQ6 SkyScan.
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