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Well its final: Skyhawk 1145P

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Actually I would have gone for 150P dob but it would take too much space in my house, and I have a storage problem, so I am going with 1145P and in a year or so I may upgrade to 8" if the interest still persists.I hope its a choice I wont regret.Thank You SGL and its members who helped me with all my silly questions and doubts. But my next scope is definitely an 8" dob.

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Congratulations, i hope you enjoy it. :p

It may lack the light grasp of the larger scopes, but it will be quicker to cool and more forgiving on eyepieces.

I suggest getting it to the darkest site possible, and letting yourself get dark adapted, then point it at M42 for your first target. :)

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I upgraded from a Tasco 70mm scope to a SW1145pm a couple of years ago and the difference was amazing even from a light polluted back garden in the middle of town. From a dark sight I can only imagine how much better the views would be. I don't own it any more but sometimes I wish I still did. I miss the wide field views it produced compared to the very narrow view of my Mak.

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