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  1. Hi Damian, welcome to SGL
  2. Hi Sandy and welcome to the forum
  3. Hi Balanus, welcome to SGL
  4. Catweazel


    Hi and welcome to SGL
  5. I agree that your EQ5 should be useable if polar aligned. For visual, I just point the axis at Polaris, and it works fine. As Alan said, north will work well enough! Give it another go
  6. Hi Enrique, welcome to the lounge
  7. Hi Shread, welcome to SGL
  8. Catweazel


    Hi Colz, welcome to the lounge
  9. Hi Chris and a warm welcome to the forum
  10. Catweazel

    Hi All

    Hi Graham, welcome to SGL
  11. Catweazel


    Hi and welcome to the forum
  12. Hi John, welcome to SGL
  13. Hi Colin, welcome to the lounge
  14. Catweazel

    Hello all!

    Hi g-love, welcome to the forum
  15. Catweazel

    Hi all

    Hi and welcome to SGL
  16. Catweazel


    Hi Stevie P and welcome to SGL!
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