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  1. jimmyjamjoejoe

    Red Dot finder on 8inch Dob

    I bought an RDF with a view to mount it alongside the finder... Instead, it just replaced the finder. RDF + Wide eyepiece was all I ever needed to find anything.
  2. Super condition, no marks on barrel. No scratches/mold/fungus. Silky smooth zoom motion. Comes with box, leather pouch, both nosepieces, adjustable eyecup, winged eyecup, and both caps. £120 Posted
  3. jimmyjamjoejoe

    Skymax 127 Supertrak Auto [Sold]

    This has just sold elsewhere.
  4. jimmyjamjoejoe

    Skymax 127 Supertrak Auto [Sold]

    No interest at all?
  5. jimmyjamjoejoe

    Skymax 127 Supertrak Auto [Sold]

    Bump and price drop to £190.
  6. Doesn't get the use it deserves, so shifting it on. Great lunar/planetary scope, but also quite capable for deep space objects too. Still have the box, and the bundled bits - finderscope, 25mm eyepiece, 2x Barlow... As well as a red dot finderscope and a 17ah battery (I appear to have misplaced the battery charger, but any camping trickle charger type will work). There was an incident which led to the AA battery pack being turned into a puddle... It wasnt connected to the scope at the time so no harm done. I took the opportunity to add crocodile clips to the cable and pinch a large battery from work. The battery generally lasts about 3-4 all night sessions. Everything is in great condition, no marks or scratches on the optics or the scope/mount, just the usual dink on the dovetail. I'm open to sensible offers, but i'm after £190 for the lot, pick up only. Advertised elsewhere. Pics can be seen here - https://flic.kr/s/aHskWs1hZ2 Edit: derp, forgot to mention i'm near Ringwood, Dorset.
  7. Sale pending on the scope, just the Baader Aspheric to go!
  8. After some thought, I dont want to be caught short if something comes along like the comet of the century (a man can dream), so i'll also consider trades for the scope bundle. Ideally a 90mm frac or 102 mak, maybe some cash too depending on the deal.
  9. Hyperion zoom sold elsewhere.
  10. Payment received, tal Barlow gone to Alan.
  11. I just don't get time to use it anymore due to kids/new job. It's had an easy life, always stored in the house. I've done the usual set of mods that one performs on these scopes - blackened the secondary edges, flocked the inside of the tube, added teflon tape to the alt bearing, and added a lazy susan to the base. The scope will come with the 25 and 10mm eyepieces, the premium cheshire collimator, an nd filter and a 32mm celestron plossl. I'll also throw in a free wooly hat, which i use to cover the back end and stop spiders making a home in there! If i can find it, you're welcome to my "cooling contraption" which was basically an old computer fan, mounted to the bottom of a bucket that i chopped short, this slots snuggly over the bottom of the scope. I wired the fan to a usb cable so it could be powered by a power pack. There is also a camping mat dew shield should you want it. Unfortunately no box, but i do still have 2 of the polystyrene cradles it came with, i stick them in the boot/back seat and rest the scope in them for safe keeping. Due to size and weight, this will be pickup only from Verwood, Dorset. I think i have a canon-t2 adapter for mounting a canon dslr to the focuser, which i will include too. Sold for that lot, a great starting kit in itself. I also have several eyepieces for sale - - Baader Hyperion 8-24mm zoom mkiii: This is in minty condition, I put black tape on the barrel to stop the screws marring it. It comes with both 1.25" and 2" adapters and caps all round. I'm pretty sure i can dig out the box too (which may have the pleather carry bag etc in it). Sold posted. - Baader Hyperion Aspheric 31mm: By far my favorite eyepiece. Huge bit of glass that's very easy to look through, massive FOV. Point this at the milky way and it's like sticking your face in a bucket full of stars. Like the other one, it is minty, with tape on the barrel and both caps. Might be able to dig out box. Edit: I did dig out the box, so now comes boxed, caps, both 1 25" and 2" nosepieces, shorter eyecup, and carry bag. Sold posted University optics 12mm ortho: Classic lens design that yields incredible sharpness. Glass in great condition, some marks on barrel. No box or caps unfortunately. Sold posted Tal 2x Barlow: The legend itself. Very rare nowadays. Superb quality optics and built like a tank. Comes with both caps, and maybe box. Sold. I'd love it if the whole lot went together, I would include the aluminium flight case for the eyepieces, as that is also a "pick up only" kind of thing... As a job lot, I'd let it go for £280 (revised as bits get sold), and include the flight case. That really is a decent amount of quality gear for the money, get it in time for the longer nights! Apologies for the vagueness regarding boxes etc. I will take a look when i get home tonight. I'm 90% sure i still have them for the 2 baaders etc but don't want to say so until i have them in my hand. Also advertised elsewhere.

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