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  1. I shoot with an X-t1. I have a couple native lenses, and just got a fuji-M42 adaptor. I'm hoping to get a Zenithstar 61 in the near future, but i'm unsure of how to attach the camera. I can't find a Fuji-M48 adaptor ANYWHERE. The next logical option would be to buy a Fuji-canon adaptor and the canon-m48 adaptor from William optics. However, i'm unsure if the spacing would work out right between the flattener and sensor - surely the Fuji-canon adaptor would leave the flange where it needs to be, so for all intents and purposes the sensor will be the right distance from any mounted gear int
  2. So does that mean you shouldn't use darks in the main group? Bias and flats should be fine, but darks should mirror the exposure of the lights. It's fair enough only putting group 1's darks in group 1, but any darks in the main group would also be applied to group 1? If that's the case, is it best to put only bias and flats in the main group, and then each set of matched lights/darks into the numbered groups?
  3. That's pretty encouraging... I'm just starting out, and am shooting with an XT1.
  4. That doesn't sound right at all. I've never seen a motor error on mine, even when I properly loaded it up to test it's accuracy in a worst case scenario (Normal equipment, plus a 2L bottle of water crudely duct taped to it). I've had two, the first one had issues with accuracy. This second one seems to be bang on, but both have "rough patches" when rotating with the clutch loosened. When I felt that on the first one I thought it was an issue, but since they both do it I assume it isnt a problem, especially as the second one passes the 24hr test. Hate to say it, but sounds like you go
  5. I suppose the question is - what is your current kit not doing? With that 150-500mm lens, you've covered any focal length of telescope that you could realistically stick on a star adventurer, and probably with a slightly faster focal ratio. Edge performance might not be quite so good, but honestly, if you're just starting out with imaging it's more than enough. There's no reason to rush, or find some botched halfway point between your current setup and the final setup. I'd just get to grips with what you have, and milk it until you can afford the big bad setup that you want. Setting
  6. I had my heart set on a william optics ZenithStar 61 until earlier today, until i found the altair 60 edf. I'd be interested to hear opinions if anybody has used both. A 2kg scope is definitely pushing it for the SA. By the time you've added the scope, camera, finder?, and attached them (ballhead?), and counterweight - You'll be around 4KG, which will already lead to lost subs, that's before you take into account the longer focal length making things tougher. The common wisdom is anything above 300mm will want guiding, which will add even more weight. For that reason, I wouldn't want to
  7. Are you absolutely sold on that scope? Plenty of people use a Zenithstar 61 on the star adventurer, and I've even seen good results from ~70mm scopes like the Zenithstar 73 and Skywatcher ed72. I imagine the latter is pushing it, and using a guider too, probably on a darkframe tuned mount to boot. The star adventurer is specced for 5KG, but that includes the counterweight, and the general rule of thumb is no more than 60% of the stated limit to be reliably good. The ZS61 is 1.5kg, camera around 0.5kg, counterweight is 1KG - pretty close. Ultimately, the ED80 won't gain you much
  8. I have had the same mount in the past, and can confirm it is a standard 1/4" tripod thread.
  9. I have an adapter here to attach a standard QR base to a camera hotshoe - https://www.thingiverse.com/Jimmyjamjoejoe/designs There are also a couple of arca plate to finder shoe adapters too which other star adventurer users might find useful for finder-guiders etc.
  10. I grabbed one of these - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/263867662245 I couldn't find what I needed so I knocked up a model and 3D printed it, works a treat. Free for anyone who wants it - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3125622
  11. Found it a nightmare trying to find an adaptor to fix a finder shoe to an Arca style tripod head. I'm not sure how common a problem it is, but it seems that people commonly use finder-guiders on a Star Adventurer - usually sat on a ball head on the other end of the L-bracket dovetail (https://www.cloudynights.com/uploads/monthly_05_2017/post-198673-0-46279600-1495771640.jpg). Some of the more expensive finders (Orion etc) come with an adaptor plate which sits between an Arca plate and a finder shoe. I went with a cheap Chinese 50mm finder (https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/263867662245), and I d
  12. I just bought a second hand synguider. It powered up fine first time, but since then its stuck in a boot loop. It shows firmware version 1.1 etc then flashes the preview screen and restarts. Is there a hard reset or anything i can do?
  13. I've managed to pick up a synguider for a crazy price. About to order a 50mm guidescope too, which i believe has the normal skywatcher shoe on it. Anyone know how i go about attaching that to the mount? I dont use a scope, just camera and lens, and was planning on having the guider on the other end of the L-bracket, probably on another ballhead. I cant find any adapters to go from arca to finder shoe...
  14. reviving this thread as i'm after a small autoguider for my SA. I dont want a laptop, and weight being an issue, i'd need one that works with a finder-guider. Any suggestions for either the autoguider, finder, or all in one package?
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