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  1. I own skywatcher 1145P reflector telescope. I have the two EPs that come with the scope and nothing else. Now i am thinking of getting new EPs and some barlows. I need your suggestions and reviews on Antares 2x barlow colour corrected two element lens (Achromat) Super plossl Eyepiece 6mm. This will give me magnification of 83x (w/o barlow) and 166x(with barlow). And with what i already have, 100x,50x,25x. I would like to know your suggestions and advice on the EP and barlow and its combination. Will it be good to use?(Eg on targets like jupiter and saturn). Please help me. TY in advance.
  2. Well with jupiter and saturn you can recognize them by their moons rings or bands. venus is recognizable by just her phases. Theres not much too see in venus, perhaps you might have got a star. And I would like to know how you achieve 100x magnification. I have the same non motorised version, and I was thinking of various options to increase magnfication.
  3. I live in India. So i cant get anything from FLO unless they ship to india.
  4. I have a SW 1145P with 10 and 25 mm EP that come with the scope. I was considering buying Antares 2x barlow achromatic colour corrected which is around 30-35 pounds. How is the quality of the barlow? The dealer doesnt have a tal 2x barlow and this is only good quality barlow he has i guess. Please help.
  5. Actually the dealer in india doesnt keep tal barlow. This is an antares 2x barlow achromat and colour corrected which is around 40 british pounds. The 3x barlow I have no idea and apochromatics are wayyy tooo costly. Are the achromats any good or equally good or atleast tolerable?
  6. I have the EPs that came with the scope ie super 10 and 20. I dont want to push the magnification beyond 160x, If i want 150x then 3x barlow+super 10 and if 166x then plossl 6+2x barlow. My only doubt is that are these barlows good enough to be used with the scope?
  7. I got 1145P today. But I need to step up the magnification. I am open to all sorts of options EPs Barlows etc. These are the EPs available Eyepiece | Super Plossl Eyepiece 1.25"OD And good quality barlows Eyepiece | The Benefits Of Barlow Lens The colour corrected achromats are the ones that I plan to get. 2x is of antares the 3x one I have no idea.Please help me
  8. Finally I would be getting my skyhawk 1145P tomorrow. I hope it doesnt disappoint me. And last I would like a review of this scope http://www.tejraj.com/sky-125mm.html This is made by the dealer himself and is the largest manufacturer in my country. Dont know what mirror it is, but I dont want to step in just fro greed of .5" aperture.
  9. Orion give expanse EPs with their scope though bit costly I feel like going for orion. Are orion scopes any good? Which one would better of the two?
  10. Actually I would have gone for 150P dob but it would take too much space in my house, and I have a storage problem, so I am going with 1145P and in a year or so I may upgrade to 8" if the interest still persists.I hope its a choice I wont regret.Thank You SGL and its members who helped me with all my silly questions and doubts. But my next scope is definitely an 8" dob.
  11. Actually the dealer in my country (india) dont have heritage series and thats the problem. And 130P EQ isnt appealing to me as both 130P and 150P skyliner cost the same here. So instead of going for 130P i shall save bucks and then get the dob in a year or so but then I would get an 8" scope as i shift to new home. My only fear is that this scope shouldnt be that worse that it puts me off the hobby.
  12. I find that the scope is too big for my house. I my buy 1145P. Tell me how good this scope is? I dont want to be put off on my first purchase.
  13. I need to know the actual diameter of the 6" skyliner dob mount. Bcoz the entrance to my terrace is just 56 cms wide so will it get through and in is the real doubt. I dont want to later repent that the scope doesnt go through the door. Tell me the largest diameter of the dob mount/base. Please help me.
  14. I recieved my 6" sw Dob yesterday. Well I must say I am quite impressed with the ease of use and portability. But my question is whether the dob has any sort of wear and tear (the mount and the bearings of scope) and if so is there any way to repair them. Also the newt is open totally so i am afraid of bird droppings, is there any way to prevent that? And any advice on tracking? I saw saturn with jaw dropping sight but it went out of FOV and i tried to move the scope and it went totally out of way.
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