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Walking on the Moon

Ultimate Planet Killer...?


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An 8" f20 Mak/Cass. :clouds2: :clouds2: :clouds2::clouds1: :clouds1:

I want one!!!!! :clouds1:

Full specs:


The OMC200 featured here on Vixen's computer controlled sphinx mount and colour display, Starbook. Please refer to 'Further Technical Data' for more detailed descriptions and photographs of main aspects of telescope and mounting.

The OMC200 was conceived as the logical extension of the fantastically popular OMC140. The quality of the OMC200 has to be seen to be believed. Images of stunning visual and photographic quality are the norm and you are guaranteed to be seeing objects as you have never seen them before. Each OMC200 is hand finished and assembled to the highest specification possible. Optically we believe it is unbeatable. Regularly we have customers advising us they have had SCT's up to 16" and none of them have shown image quality to compare with the OMC200 Of the four optical surfaces in the telescope, each one has to pass through quality checks conducted with our GPI Zygo Laser interferometer which is capable of detecting errors smaller than 100th of the wavelength of light.

Before embarking on the design of the OMC200 many questions were asked of very experienced and some not so experienced customers. The main aspect of the questions was what should be at the top of the list of necessary attributes of the telescope. Of the people we asked, over 97% said that optical quality was paramount. This was followed by high quality velvet black baffle system and a focusing mechanism with virtually no image shift. We went to work, we being myself Barry Pemberton and a World leader in optical design, Harrie Rutten of the Netherlands . We both use a professional computer software program named Zemax which enabled us to feed in several parameters based on customers requirements and then design, develop, optimise and finally agree a design which is without doubt, unbeatable. It cannot be bettered.

Any experienced telescope user of catadioptric telescopes will tell you that the best optical design is lost if baffles within the optical light path are not designed and machined properly. The design of baffles, proper baffles, is incredibly difficult and takes many hours of both computer CAD time and also basic paper and pencil work. Harrie took over 40 hours designing the primary and secondary baffles on the OMC200 and the effect of these baffles on the night sky is startling, nothing less. The sky is totally inky black and bright out of field objects have no effect at all on the image being presented to your eye.

Focusing is conducted by the usual method of moving the primary mirror up and down the tube. One feature which we have included is the use of a micrometer thimble section to carry out minute adjustments in focusing, essential for photography and high magnification levels. Focusing movement, as you would expect from such a refined, yet relatively small piece of equipment, is exceptionally smooth and precise. We have developed a cantilever method of pushing the along its axis which gives far better equilibrium and virtually no visible image shift even at magnifications as high as x1000.


4000mm focal length.

200mm aperture

Guaranteed 1/4PV PV wavefront images (1/6th PV wavefront on upgrade)

Standard coatings (Hilux enhanced coatings on upgrade)

Vixen Sphinx mount and Starbook controller

Tube diameter 225mm

Tube length 650mm

Total weight 30 kgm

Tube weight 8.5kgm

6x30 finder

31.7mm optical back for eyepieces

Industry standard dovetail attachment plate

Micrometer focusing

Collimatable system for precise optical performance

25mm Plossl eyepiece

Star diagonal

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