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Value of home made scopes?


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If the mirrors are of a decent quality and the scope is built to a reasonable standard or fit and finish I don't see any reason why a good home built scope should not fetch something approaching what a used commercially made one would.

I guess it would help a lot if prospective buyers could see the scope first hand and maybe even try it out if that could be arranged.

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totally agree with John. although the value is difficult to ascertain, I think most big dob owners (and I am one) can look through a scope, use one and be able to at least see that the mirrors are in good condition and perform well at the eyepiece.

the smooth movement etc of the scope is also a big plus and I suspect a lot of large home built scopes perform better than the mass produced ones.

personally I'd much prefer a well built home made one to a mass produced one.

apart from anything else, it will be more 'modable' and also more 'unique'. BUT I'd unless for sale at mirror only prices, I'd want to see it in action first.

I bought my 16" f4 primary mirror as just that, a mirror in a box. as such I could not see it in action first. it came with an optical report which helped but I took a chance and I suppose any buyer is doing so with any scope but at least with yours they can see it working. the key with yours is that 16" working dobs are quite rarely sold and therefore you may get a good price if the right buyer comes along at the right time.

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My suggestion would be AstroBuy & Sell.

You find largely people who are genuine.

The advert can be left on for a long time if necessary.

There are no entry/seller fees.

Registration is easy - if know a little about astronomy.

They have a simple security question.

After the recent removal of SGL sale, I have seen people i recognise from AGL on AB&S. In fact they now encourage you to add your SGL (or other forum) identity to your advert.

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Second Astro Buy and Sell. Used it recently to set up the sale of my scope.

I personally make sure I speak with the buyer directly on the phone to cut the time wasters and any potential scammers.

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