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  1. Okay, so a basic basic question...sorry. I have a Skywatcher 102 refractor but no tripod or mount for it. The scope is fitted with what I imagine is the "usual" dovetail plate...but what do I ask for when I want a new tripod and mount for it? Im giving the scope to a family member to keep at their coast house so a super duper expensive mount is NOT required! Thanks for any help David
  2. Thats a nice image. In the crater shown about 1/4 of the way along from bottom left of the shadow there is a straight line feature. Is this Shannen Ridge? It was very prominent last night when I was viewing. Nice image though. D
  3. Forgive my sudden popping up and asking a question, but it's not too cold and the sky is clear, so... Just looking at the moon and I note a very straight object running through the centre of one of the large craters near the centre of the moon - just by the terminator (I think the line of shadow bisecting the moon is a terminator). Is this straight line the Shannen Ridge? David
  4. Thanks guys. Well my mirros are Meades and in good nick, re-silvered a few years ago so effectively new. The action is good too. Given that SGL sales has gone, where should I advertise? Fleabay? D
  5. I am not using my 16'' Dob and I am thinking of selling, but given the now widely available plethora of good value large ap scopes, do HB scopes still have much value? Mine has Meade mirrors and is pretty good David
  6. I have a homemade 16" Dob with Meade glass and its flipping big. Probably too big as it wont go in the car, the house, the shack, the shed... Nice images though ;-) Anyone wanna 16"? David
  7. Ah yes, I forgot to divide my 3rd order by 2! Thanks I'll give it a whirl. D
  8. So, I am about to make a Y mask for my 500mm fl SW 102. As I have understood this thread that gives me either a Y of 2mm strip suspended over the objective, OR, if I go for a third order Y, strips between 7 and 10mm wide ditto. Have I got this right? David
  9. See the guys other items for sale though: seems he's a professional car boot to fleabay translator. D
  10. I can vouch for Galvoptics. They did a cracking job on my 16" and for a very reasonable sum (two years ago). David
  11. Thanks. I felt it was possibly worth a punt so had to ask! D
  12. Sorry, yes a naive statement! Damaged as in: the lens is poor condition. There is one large chip and two small chips on the edges of the lens plus several scratches on the lens too(see photos). The ebau ref is MEADE LXD75 EMC OTA 6 inch REFRACTOR. on eBay (end time 24-Mar-11 20:29:21 GMT) I know from my own experience that even large marks on lenses dont always show up, but as I know nothing about astro imaging I'm wondering whether this represents a bargain or good money after bad. D
  13. On fleabay there's a 6" Meade lxd75 emc refractor. Very cheap because of damage to the lens But as a start for imaging, I'm wondering if it might be worth it. My currently planned set up will use my SW 102 refractor otherwise D
  14. Well, I chased up the idea of turning the lights off in Salisbury at 0000 til 0500 and the councillor concerned is trying to fund the scheme and is going to meet me to discuss how we can get the idea going forward. This a progressive scheme based on cost savings. I would urge you all to contact your own councils and tell them how to save MONEY. Its not about dark skies, they don't care (as a body anyway) but they DO care about money. I'll keep you posted! David
  15. Thats an interesting question, but based on simple facts, the stars DO appear 15 times bigger. Its just that 15 times bigger than a very very small point is still a very small point the difference in which you as an observer cannot discern. I also suspect that the 15 times increase is in brilliance and not just size - I bet you see MORE point sources with the bins than without. You are capturing more light with the glasses than without. Probably. David
  16. Okay Jim, my post was a genuine attempt at helpful feedback though. D
  17. Well since you are after serious feedback: on my mac the image is very grainy, I can only get 75% quality and , to be honest, its not worth watching. Its a good effort mind you, and better than my webcam of the moon which does not exist, so I applaud that part of it. I am not sufficiently au fait with the technology to offer advice I am afraid, so it rather seems like I am simply criticising your efforts, which I genuinely am not. David
  18. How about the woman at No 13? Seriously, it was a bright moon. I scorched me peepers with the 16"! D
  19. There's still a revelation 8" on the bay if you want one. Cheap too D
  20. Thats what I love about reading stuff on SGL; these lightweight throwaway questions. Pah! David. Tongue firmly planted next to molars.
  21. Good luck. Enjoy the experience D
  22. Thanks for the heads up. Job done! This leads me to another question: How do I know what time and aperture value to set? On a normal image, I am fully aware of what settings I want to get a given result, but if I am shooting, say, Bode's galaxies, what settings would I go for and importantly , how do I know? David
  23. Quick question: With neb2 I have a maximum of 30second exposure. Do i need to sit with the camera for longer exposures with the "bulb" lead connected or do I download and use something like DSLR shutter? David
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