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Skywatcher Synscan Help

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I have a 127 Mak and trying to use the Skywatcher Synscan handset. I have upgraded it to the latest firmware but it simply refuses to accept the coordinates I put in to start the allignment.

I have been onto a website and got the longitude and latitude for where we observe. I live in newcastle and observe from 55.00 Latt (North) and -1.92 Long (West.)

How on earth do I put these settings into the Syncan handset? I put the power in get the warning do not look at the sun and it goes straight to the long and latitude. I know I can use the up and down arrows to choose the N,E,S,W for the long and latitude. I know that the minus Longitude means it is west and put it in as a positive 1.92W but when ever I do this and try and enter it it goes back to 9 in 1.92.

I am really at my wits end with this and it is the second night I have been unable to observe. Can anyone please walk me through where I am going wrong or even try this on their synscan handset to see if it is even possible to input.

Thanks so much in advance.

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It's not the date. The long and lat are up before the date. I literally turn it on, get the warning not to look at the sun and then it asks for the long and lat. I have put in false details and it will accept them but obviously this isn't where I am.

I can't put the long and lat in the wrong way round either because when I put in the first one I can only press up and it goes to E or W and on the other one it only has N and S.

thank you for the suggestions so far though.

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The synscan wants your coordinates in degrees and minutes NOT decimal degrees.

You can't have more than 60 minutes in one degree so for example: above 001.59 would be 002.00

Hmmmm this would explain why when I reduce the number it accepts it then. So how do I get the long and lat of 55.00 and -1.92 into minutes?

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Sorry brantuk I didn't really know I was looking for the time rather than degrees.

I have made a note and will try those out first oportunity I get.

Thank you so much everyone that has replied. I am hopeful that this is going to work now.

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