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  1. I will definately have it if not already sold. I live in Lincolnshire. I don't mind travelling or meet half way.
  2. Collimation cap or cheshire to centre and "round" the secondary mirror under the focuser. Even with a self centering adapter fitted directly into the focuser tube I find a laser is too sensitive to slop. Then a barlowed laser or cheshire crosshairs the collimate the primary.
  3. Remember the 10" Dob is f4.7 So 82 degree eps need to be good to work with this short f-ratio.
  4. Add a good quality barlow lens. I have a 10" Dob and have concluded that I really only need two quality eyepieces and a barlow.
  5. I have a laser collimator which would be brilliant if it wasn't for the focuser slop. And using a cheshire I have terrible trouble focusing on the crosshairs. They are just a blurry mess. So I had a brainwave and fixed an old usb webcam over the sight tube pin hole. I have ordered a 2" to 1 1/4" self centering adapter to get better results with the laser. This is the result with the webcam.
  6. "Modesly priced" wide angle 72degree eyepieces usually fine for telescopes over F6. It is when using fast telescopes they produce distortion. For Swan eyepieces note: "They are remarkably good all-round eyepieces when used with telescopes with focal ratios up to f/6 and above."
  7. Not that good here. The moon looked like it was under water and l could only see the two central cloud bands clearly on Jupiter. It is all to do with the temperature drop. Warm day, cold night.
  8. The important bit of a finderscpoe are the cross hairs. Binoculars could be a problem unless you can get accurate centering .
  9. The binoculars are not collimated. That means the optics have not been aligned properly. Get a refund or replacement.
  10. It's the camel poo content that is good for the garden.
  11. Congratulations. I'm going to put some wheels on mine!
  12. They do come with instructions but if you get stuck l'm sure someone on SGL will help.
  13. Primary mirror knurled screws are here http://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/bobs-knobs-skywatcher-newtonian-primary-collimating-thumbscrews.html
  14. If it has to be a plossl then a 8mm and 2x Barlow would be easier to use.
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