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  1. Ah ok, thanks for letting me know. I am very happy with a black and white image of Jupiter to begin with and will try longer exposures next time.
  2. Thanks for replying. I have the adapter screwed onto the webcam and that slots into the standard 1.25" that I use to put eyepieces in. I was trying a 130 relector to do the moon rather than my dob though. Sorry didnt make that clear to begin with. I have processed what I got in registax of the moon and will see if I can figure a way to screw the focuser in further to try and use the webcam. I will try my DSLR next time too and see if that gives me the full moon. I have stacked and used wavelet to get something that vaguely resemble jupiter. Is there a way I can add colour to it though or can someone point me in the direction of a tutorial?
  3. Does anyone use a phillips webcam to image the moon in it's entirity? if so how do you do it? Would it be better to use a DSLR?
  4. Just had 2 clear nights in row so thought I would dust things down and have a go at some imaging. I will post some of my first attempts once I have processed them but I was hoping I could get a bit advice for the future. I really wanted to image the whole of the half moon that was out not last night but the night before but I can never get anything in focus unless I use a barlow. This takes me in really close but does allow me to focus. I thought initially I needed an extension tube to allow me to focus but even with that in it still wouldn't. What have I missed? Last night I tried Jupiter a phillips 800 flashed to 900 with a 2x barlow and sharpcap. After a good while trying I managed to find it and centre it. After playing with all the sharpcap settings I found that I could get the bands with some settings (the moons disappeared when the banding was there) and to get the moons the bands disappeared. I was wondering if anyone could post their settings that they use to image Jupiter with I could use as a sort of template to go from? I did some captures of both Jupiter with bands and one with the moons seperately in the hope that I could stack and then merge them both together. Is this the right thing to do? Never used photoshop so will have to have a look through some of the tutorials. Little bit scared as I hear it's quite a steep learning curve. Any help/advice that could help would be welcome.
  5. I thought I would have a go last night and see what happened. Went through the photo's and found this. Apologies it is a little out of focus. Was wondering what it was I managed to catch. Did 10secs captures at 1600. Still lots to work on but hoping to get out again tonight and have another go. Still very new to all this so sorry about noobish posts.
  6. As with many other, I am looking forward to the start of the season with the meteor shower and have had a look at the photobykev website which has given me some great tips thanks. I was wondering though, what work needs to be done to the pictures with meteors in them? I am still very new to astro photography and processing but thought this would be a good opportunity to get my hands dirty so to speak.
  7. OK thank you for letting me know. I went back to have another go after your reply and it picked it up this time. No idea why it didn't, same setup and power was off when it was all setup. Anyway it appears to be working now. Thanks again for your help.
  8. Will the skywatcher alt az mount work with the skywatcher GPS mouse? I believe that you need the firmware to be 3.1 for it to recognise it but I have had a look on the Skywatcher Website and when I have a look at the firmware for the Alt Az mounts it is only upto 3.08. Does that mean it isn't compatible with Alt Az mounts?
  9. Rover


    Thank you so much for all your help, I really appreciate it and earned a few brownie points with the mrs for saving £70.
  10. Rover


    Thanks for the screenshot malc. Are there any settings you can change in the software to give you the longitude and latitude in arcseconds when you are offline and not connected to the internet? If it give long and lat in degrees offline I could probably work with that but it would mean making a note of them and then converting when I got home where I have a web connection for my next visit.
  11. Rover


    Ok thanks. I think I will give a go at that price.
  12. Rover


    I'm not using an EQ mount. Would I still be able to install that software to give me my position from the USB dongle in seconds to input manually or would I need other software? If I need something else does anyone have anything they can recomend that I can use please?
  13. Rover


    Thanks for all your replies. I did a quick search of the forums for gps but couldn't find any threads on it. The dongle would probably do the job as I usually have my laptop to hand. Do you know if the software that comes with it gives the location in minutes as well as degrees as I would have no internet connection to be able to do the conversion?
  14. Rover


    I wasn't sure if this was the right place to post this but mounts seemed to be the best option. I have a Skywatcher 127 Mak on the Alt Az GOTO mount. I was giving thought to getting GPS. I have the Synscan handset which is on the latest firmware so I think it woiuld work. Can anyone confirm this? Does anyone use the GPS below or able to recommend anything else? Skywatcher GPS Mouse for V3 Handset | Telescope Accessories | Rother Valley Optics I don't have an fancy phone or anything else that I could use an an alternative. I am planning on being quite active and getting out and about with my scope so thought this would be a good option with me not being able to plan beforehand.
  15. Sorry brantuk I didn't really know I was looking for the time rather than degrees. I have made a note and will try those out first oportunity I get. Thank you so much everyone that has replied. I am hopeful that this is going to work now.
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