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Solar camera


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Hi all,

could somebody give me a run down of the best cameras around

today for solar imaging. I need one that will produce high resolution

monochrome images,be easy to handle,and image as much of the disk as possible. I guess it should be compared to the DMK21 and 41 cameras.:)

Thanks Brian

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My Lunt60 and dmk41, good enough to get astronomy now photo of the month. The dmk41 grabs a large chunk of the action, you can always use Microsoft ice to stitch if you need to depends on the focal length of the scope you plan to use. Registax6 is the only other thing you need. I'll post my latest white light and halpha shots when I can get back to the desktop again.



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Microsoft ice magically stitches frames together, I get 80% of the disk with my scope, so do 2 frames and then bingo I end up with a nice image. You don't need a dmk41 if you don't want to spend the money or find a dmk31 first.


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