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m57 @f/10


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Just finished my summer target m57@f/10. As all you imagers will know

I had to dump gig loads of data in the recycle bin due to guiding issues @ 2800f/l.:)

Anyway here is the best of what I managed to capture.

scope- celestron c11


camera- canon 450d

filter-astronomik cls ccd clip

capture software-backyard eos


40 subs 250secs @ iso800 (2hrs 46mins)

40 darks " " "

no flats/bias




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Lovely detail in the nebula.

It does look like you've clipped the black though....go a little easier on the blackpoint and you should begin to see some fainter nebulousity around the edge.

Anyway, an image to be proud of :)



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I think Rob's right but, blimey, we don't see many Rings at nearly three metres! And this is quite something.

There have been several threads on how long a FL is viable on an EQ6 and I think you are defining a clear upper limit here! You were very brave to try this. What percentage do you reckon you lost?


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Thanks to all for your comments they are very much appreciated with this being my first posting.

ROB, I have to agree with you clipping the blackpoint. funny thing is though i kind of new i was over doing it. but could not stop myself :glasses2:

OLLY, when i first started out on this project i was guiding using an st80 piggybacked on the c11. but i could not get nice round stars. then i read an old thread on SGL (f/l on eq6) i think it was your good self saying the only way to image @ f/l 2800 would be to use an OAG. so that was the route i chose. and after a few nights practice i finally got nice round stars :rolleyes:

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Thanks for your reply. i am going to take your advice and reprocess the image. but i think i will try to capture some more data first then add to the data i have captured so far.

You can't have too much data. There outer shells that are tantalizingly faint. Best of luck with this, it's a great project.


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