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Not a which one should I buy more a comments on these please

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Gonna save up some more money and maybe get one of the following with an EQ5 goto - will do camera work from the EQ 5 and get a EQ6 syntrac later with a bigger light bin so I can then do photos with either and my wife can still move a viewing kit around

William Optics FLT 110 DDG APO Triplet

Skywatcher Equinox 120 APO PRO

Skywatcher Evostar 120ED DS-Pro Outfit

Orion De Luxe OMC140 Maksutov Cassegrain 1/6PV optics

Any comments on the above scopes I think I am leaning more to the top two at the moment. I will be going to a star party or two before buying but I have been talking to a few people that is making me lean towards a refractor. (I have a particular obsession with items that a very well engineered)

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hi sirmetin, i can help on one count,

dont get the omc140- i have the deluxe and they are VERY fussy with a long cool down, they demand the very best of seeing, dont get me wrong, its a fab scope when every thing comes right, but in hind sight i would go for a 120 decent frac, the equinox is a posh version of the evo pro, same optics but a great scope

P.s if your going to psp star party you can have a look through my omc if i still have it

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I would go for the Altair Astro 115 triplet in this sort of price range. I have been testing one for magazine review and my own default scope at this approximate focal length is the very expensive TEC140 triplet. I have not found imaging with the 115 a hardship, viz http://ollypenrice.smugmug.com/Other/Nebulae-and-clusters/i-K7znZCh/0/X3/IRIS-12-HOURSLM3-X3.jpg

I have no commercial interest in saying this. Indeed rather the opposite since I bought the expensive TEC as a key part of what I offer. It most certainly is better than any of the scopes on this thread but not by as much as you might think!


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