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  1. Any would be welcome.
  2. Hi all My sister is a science teacher and they are doing some lessons on the iss does anyone have any videos they would be happy to be shown at the school of the iss going overhead?
  3. I have an excellent Altair 115 but have found myself with some funds with which I am contemplating a change. I do not want to go much larger and do a mix of visual and imaging. I am wondering if the takahashi TSA120 would be a suitable upgrade. Mount is ioptron ieq45 any other suggestions welcome. The problem with choosing scopes is there is rarely a chance to find one to field test especially with refractors as they are nearly always embedded in imaging set ups.
  4. Hi folks going to miss this one as no holidays left till April one. Wishing dark skies and great seeing for you all will be back for 11 I hope.
  5. Booked Wed - Sun looking forward to seeing everyone again. Sorry to have missed CSP9.
  6. http://www.opticalguidancesystems.com/pre-owned.php Helps if I put the link in
  7. But only if you are a Banker or win the lottery this week - still we can all dream!!
  8. That's the answer - HUGE DEW HEATERS and we dry the sky!! I think 8.3 Billion watts should clear a cone from the site, we need to get in tough with the national grid as I suspect the site supply would need an upgrade.
  9. Hi All, Sorted now have the EHU as Lesley sent me a text earlier today, both myself and Joanne looking forward to being there. Stephen
  10. I would like the same pitch as last as 2012, will you send emails to the 2012 attendees when open ? we were on pitch 15 in the touring field. Thanks again to the team for all your hard work in organising this, especially as it seems to be getting bigger and therefore more work every year.
  11. I really do hope they catch these people, is the center secure again now? I live close and would be happy to come up and help with improving security, I may even have some bits that can help. I know this is "stable door after ....." and all but I would never have suspected anyone would do such a thing, it has to be someone with knowledge of the place as it is not somewhere for opertunist thefts.
  12. I would just like to add my support for the Admin team it is often a thankless task to run something like this where there is rarely praise and often complaints. I have an anecdote from work :- for 20 odd years we have had a tea/coffee club that provides unlimited tea and coffee to all members for £2/month. Each week there is a rota of members to get milk and the cost is also covered by the £2. One person runs the club and over the years there have been 5 people who have taken that role. They ensure that there is tea/coffee/decaff/sugar and in the summer soft drinks. In the early days when th
  13. Have to say I was sorry so many missed the Sunday and Monday nights they were the best of the lot. It was like a ghost site with just a handfull enjoying the amazing views - next time book more time off. Also on the tent moves issue maybe we could arrange a tent move squad - teams that go round and move tents with people, even if overall it takes the same time moving each tent in a few minutes wouldnt seem so bad.
  14. I was about to use this when I remembered I had brought my vodaphone 3G - wifi pod with me which I used the sim that I used to have in a netbook with a newer contract. I would encourage as many as possible to bring their own links that way more bandwith on the open net is available for others. Vodaphone 3G was good on the site although I don't know about the other networks. I would still like to say thanks for going to the effort to provide this even if I didn't end up using it this time.
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