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The milky way


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I have to say that last night i had the best view of the milky way that i've ever had. The weather was very clear so i set up at 9ish, went to watch tv until it got dark. Going out periodically for a cigarette i saw what at first was a band of cirrus cloud but after a while it was still there. I stayed up til well past 2am, all the street lights switched off at 1.45am. It was amazing with complete darkness, i didn't even bother using my scope because seeing the galactic plane with my eyes was enough to give me the WOW factor.:)

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I saw it a few days ago from my new house. I've just moved out to the countryside. Amazing what a difference it makes.

I took it for granted growing up abroad, but this is the first time I've been able to have a good look at it unaided in recent memory!

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Hi Adamski,

the only time i have seen the milky way clearly was last time i was in cyprus at a placce called colossi and the view was breath taking, it showed what i have been missing for all these years,

can't wait to leave here and live in cyprus but another few years to go yet,

unless i win the lottery tonight £137 million might just help.

regards Ron.s.g

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