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  1. Thanx for the info on the link, just installed it so now i'm gonna have a play. I know my way around stellarium but wanted something that would show me where each planet is, and where it will be in future months. I found a few online but they all seem to want you to install tool bars and security, which i don't need. Cheers
  2. Hi all, i've been out of astro commission for a while and have got a new laptop, i have stellarium but i would like a real time solar system simulator as well. Does anyone have any recommended free software links? Would be good to see where they all are and plan some nights out accordingly. Cheers Adamski
  3. Hi all, I've just been looking at power tanks, celestron and sky watcher. As far as i can tell they are both exactly the same but with different names, obviously, and different price tags. I have a nexstar 127 SLT and would like to get one. Can i assume that the cheaper sky watcher one will run fine on my celestron scope? Stupid question i know but if i can spend less then that's a bonus. Cheers
  4. Ok, got the scope now and it is definitely 1.25" EPs. Had a pleasant surprise when having a look as there was also a celestron omni plossl and a celestrom zoom EP, Sweet
  5. Thankx guys, i feel better about it now. I'll find out later as i'm picking it up today cos i can't resist the temptation to have a play. Got half a dozen 1.25" EPs which i kept from my old scope so should get some good views.
  6. Hi all, due to circumstances i have not been on here for over a year, any way, i've just inherited a Celestron Nexstar 127 SLT from my little brother and need some help clarifying EP sizes. The supplied EPs are 0.98" but the star diagonal is 1.25", now my stupid bit, am i able to use 1.25" EPs or am i restricted to the 0.98" size EPs ? Ifi it is the latter can i get/use an adaptor ? I'm asking because i haven't got it out the box yet and probably won't until later in the year. Cheers in advance. Adamski
  7. Adamski


    I'm really surprised that i have abstained from sgl for a whole month, life has changed so much recently. So i'm wondering how many of you good peeps managed to see the supernova, i didn't. Is it still visible? Unfortunately i have moved out of my prime spot on dartmoor and now live in a light polluted area, not for ever though.
  8. One theory is that if the universe keeps expanding it will evetually meet another universe. If this other universe consists mainly of anti matter then the collision will cause an absolutey immense situation, maybe it would be the next big bang that will seed a new universe and carry on the eternal recycling that happens everywhere. It doesn't necessarilly need to be anti matter, that suggestion just makes it a bit easier to understand as there is an infinite number of ways the spark will spark.
  9. I find that the light year is a more comprehensible measurement for galactic distances and the "au", astronomical unit, works really well for smaller distances ie; solar system objects. But this doesn't help you it just throws in another measuement to think about. sorry.
  10. That's really good. At least you've been able to see something, not i, with the stupid weather.
  11. Due to the typical english summertime weather i have done no viewing and have nothing to report what so ever. lol. My head is so sore from banging it the preverbial brick wall. Hope someone out there is having some luck.
  12. Good question that, it's a minefield out there. I've just bookmarked the links so thanx to you both.
  13. Have a good time. i was in greenwich in may but didn't have time to visit the observatory, well gutted. The closest i got was seeing the meridian line outside the o2 arena.
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